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Nik Name: Magika
Real Name: Junе
Group / Alliance affiliation(s): the team, justice League, teen titans
Secret code: B037
Nickname: Magick, Devil Girl, Robin Constantine,Death
Age: 19 (C3)
Date of Birth: 23 June(summer solstice)
Race: Demon/human hybrid
Blood group: AB(XS as in the American system but we have it -1)
Astrological Sign: Gemini

About Her\Him
Personality:June silent, sometimes too cold. Because of held within the walls of the hopper Jasper. June is difficult to communicate with other people. She finds it unacceptable to show their own weakness, but subconsciously looking for a support and support.As a Central part of the team helped her adapt to the world. However, she still retains the cold .

The greater part of his life, she is dedicated to kill mafia, because they killed one of the foster families .

Good traits: if she loves or the man she will do anything to protect him from himself in the first place.
Will do anything to accomplish the mission.
Loves to help, although won't admit it.

Bad traits: she points out the faults of others without considering their feelings, the power of a particular person,she connection with the Cora to aggravate relations with a specific person.And she's a former mercenary, she's not used to working without violence.

June also has a second identity:
The demon / God named Cora.
Their souls were inextricably linked with the ancient ceremony, which was held by the necromancers in order to resurrect the God " who will come to earth and bring death and rivers of blood."

The bark is the second soul of June (dark force) in the rest of the form looks like a giant swallow with plenty of feathers,fanged teeth, a wide beak, and the huge hind legs of the wolf\dog
The bark gives June power because their souls are connected.

Magika was born in a religious family of necromancers. Her father founded a sect he called "Cicadas". After the birth of June, they held a ceremony over her, "the Universe of dark souls."
But the ceremony was interrupted because of her mother June, in consequence of which was killed Cora and other members of the sect. The ritual was not completed, and therefore, in June received a second soul, her father, he unlike others wanted to use June as a weapon.
June father sent her to a foster family. They soon turned to the followers of the "Cicadas" when they learned, what power is in June
"Followers" gave June "Mercenary Jasper" for that would be that taught her.( Jasper was one of the followers of the "Cicadas" well, she left the sect to create what would an army)
Jasper 3 years June used for their own purposes, so she learned to fight. June in another attempt to escape from Jasper lost his memory and doesn't remember his past. Remember everything is just Bark, but she refused her to say anything. And so she didn't know who this Cora, she knew only that this deity and the one to be a guide for her. Magika soon found out about the exorcist John Constantine, she thought that it will help to get rid of Cora and went to look for him, but Cora warned her that it wouldn't help. Soon, June found John when he found out what kind of demon June connected then immediately told to get rid of it is impossible, because their souls are connected since birth.
John felt sorry for Joon and he asked her to become his protege and she agreed.

Before coming to YJL
When John created the dark League and Magika asked him to join but he refused her because she not only knows how to work in a team, but he was very worried about her safety.
And then John asked about the offer Batman on young justice.

She know Jhon each other for about 6-5 years
when they first met in June was 10.



- training

- walking on the roof

- guns and swords

- read a lot of books about magic


- when her point

- do not obey her advice

- sweet.

Hobbies: a Lot to learn magic,science,drawing,playing hockey.

Fears: her power on the Cora and Bark in particular, criticism of the dark , of being alone. Drown


Height: 169 cm - 5' 7"
Weight: (40 kg) 90.2 feet
Skin color: dark pale (alpha form), pale pink (man)
Eye color: black-yellow (the alpha form), dark brown (human)
Hair Description:
- Color: Black
- Length: below the shoulders
-Style: wavy
- Color: Black with highlights
- Length: above the shoulders
- Style: straight(shaggy)
Tattoos: Yes.(On the back wing and on the wrist in the right hand in Arabic numerals 2)


Father:Unknown One of the new members Light Eric Midnight)
Mother: (deceased)
Teacher\Mentor: John Constantine
Best friends: Jaime, Miss Marcy, Raven
Friends: Bart,Lagan, Cassie,Beast boy, Aqualad
Love interest: Blue beetle / Jaime Reyes

For More Information

Song Joong-Ki:Theory – enjoy the silence(cover Depeche mode)

Cora - Hollywood Undead – Another Way Out

Hollywood Undead – Been To Hell

Food: fries

Drink: frozen ice

Color: red

Animal: swallow

Flower: rose

Season: spring

And just to complement:

1. Yes, I know that John works alone but in the Hellblazer comics he had a niece,a wife and friends and with them it worked perfectly.
2. Soon I will draw the concepts of the demon Cora, while I will say that the Crust nourish June all the forces which are at June.
She got them during the ceremony.
Before the ceremony, they were not related,but after June became the conductor of Cora in the human world.
It doesn't lose its force even if Cora away, her soul is connected with it.
3. She's just slowly getting old.But she will not die, because Cora will resurrect she again and again.
4. The nickname"Robin Constantine" gave her one demanov with the witch was a deal John.
5. So I will soon draw concept "Mercenary Jasper"
I can say that Jasper was a follower of "Cicadas"But she left them to have a large army.
6. As her foster father made trades with the Japanese mafia, and he has not fulfilled part of the contract the same decided to take revenge by killing all the family members except June(she hid from them)
Late June takes revenge on all member of the mafia. June 12 she was already trained from Jasper and so did her demon mended all her power to kill the mafia.
And by the autumn she was already familiar with Constantine and John didn't approve of what she does to them.
7.June studied with Jasper from 8 to 10 years and she already knew how to kill and to work as a mercenary, but by 15 she dropped the charges at the request of John.
8. Her foster parents was killed by the mafia.
The real father was alived but not the mother of June( she was killed Cora during the ritual)
And the name demon was "Cora"

Sorry for my English I'm French and very bad know


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